Living a Peaceful Life for Four Days

A 140 other things I did without the internet.

I don’t know what happened last Friday night but suddenly while writing a post on another blog I just got disconnected from the internet. Well, it was Friday night and what do I expect myself to do? Blog and read other blogs, oh pathetic self. [Yes, I don’t have a life]

My suffering lasted for four days! Yes I was living in a cave for four straight days without any connection to the world of connection [yes, I call the internet just like that]. What could I do, it took four days before it got fixed and thankfully my connection got back two hours ago.

Older people think that my generation relies heavily on technology, well, they are pretty damn right. Technology makes life easier but that doesn’t mean that people my age couldn’t live without it. I am a living breathing proof that the world does not solely revolve on the internet [it makes communication easier and a 140 other things, I am well aware of that].

In my four days without Facebook and Twitter [I call it cleansing] I realized I was able to do a lot more other productive things than sit in front of my laptop and check people’s statuses and photos.

  1. I was able to finish studying for one of my exams this week. I can’t even believe myself that I finished reviewing in just one straight day. My brain almost exploded with too much information [haha] but I had nothing else to do so better finish studying while waiting for my internet get fix.
  2. I was able to watch Star Trek and devour the words of Captain Kirk and Commander Spock. That’s hell lot better than reading nonsensical posts in Facebook and Twitter.
  3. I was able to force myself write a paper for one of my subjects which will be due tomorrow. A paper that is not worth of anything because really how could I reflect on the talk that we attended if I got in the auditorium late. I only heard the last 30 minutes of the person’s speech. [Oh blame my tutor]
  4. I was able to finish a 220 page book to pass time.

Those were just the benefits of having no internet access for a few days— productive! All I need to accomplish right now is another paper and then review for my history exam which will also take place this week.

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