Usual Tuesday

Blag… blag… I opened my eyes to see my roommate preparing for school. I am certain that I did not oversleep, my alarm had not gone yet. I closed my eyes again and tried not to bother myself with the sound of the cabinet and drawers that were being opened. [I didn’t know what’s wrong with her but it’s still early!]

My class for today would begin at 12 noon so I couldn’t find any reason to rush. However, due to my roommate’s clumsy demeanor I couldn’t go back to sleep. I got up and decided to eat breakfast, but I made sure she’s not in the room anymore before I went downstairs to eat my meal. I just couldn’t stand getting woken by such performance early in the morning. [I forgave her already since she was going to be late for her class, so yeah I’m a nice roommate]

It was just eight in the morning when I finished eating so I used the time for more productive purposes such as studying for my history exam. When the clock struck 11:30 I began to walk from our place to school. [My university is just on the other street, so yeah] I decided to be there 30 minutes before my class because I had to go to the library to print my paper only to find out that all the libraries in school were closed from 12 noon until two in the afternoon.

Holy stupid me!

I had to run to the nearest printing place around the campus which is a little far off from the college area. I had no choice but to sweat it off or I won’t have anything to submit in class. Luckily I got there before the staff’s lunch break and so I got my paper printed. Hooray!

There was nothing big today. It’s just like any other Tuesday which means I had to attend one not-so-useful course and a “funny-but-what-are-you-talking-about-is-that-even-relevant-to-the-topic-sir class”. In the former we just had the I-better-read-the-book-than-listen-to-you lecture and our test papers were just handed to us. There on my paper written in red ink, a B+.

[I did not study for that exam, well I never study for that subject either. Really, who reviews a management subject? Once you read the book you’re good to go. But yes I have to take it since it’s in my program of study]

On the other class it’s the same usual set up where my Developmental Economics professor [who looks like Louis Litt of Suits] talks about interesting theories which he usually associate to unrelated things until we are already talking about a whole different topic not connected to the subject. It’s like a game show class where he asks students random questions [random meaning anything under the sun] and the only answer you can give is the right answer or the “I-don’t-know-sir” answer.

I attend his class because what can I do? I am paying five bucks per minute for the whole semester for that subject and it would be a total waste if I won’t be present. I don’t want to throw money on the trash bin. Besides it’s economics, I am very fond of economics whatever branch it is.

Guess what, today’s main lesson was. Yes you got it right, cars, marriage and advice for us, the ladies. He always have that dating tips for the girls a.k.a. life lessons. And these are the things to remember Miss Hidalgo [he will have a roll call of every female in the room whenever he announces whatever we need to know]:

  1. If you are going to date someone observe what drink he’ll order. [The voice in my head would often say, “Listen to the guru”.] If he ordered wine then perfect but if he’s into Coca-Cola never go out with him again.
  2. When you’re already an executive Miss Hidalgo, for your corporate attires don’t buy wool-made clothing. Wear those made of cashmere and if the guy couldn’t figure what is expected from him then he’s not worth your time. Oh really?
  3. Date gentlemen with Aston Martin, Rolls-Royce, or Bentley and not someone who will drive you in their Nissan Patrol and other Japanese cars. I like a Tesla, Ferrari or Saab guy sir! Because the doors of British cars are angled at 45 degrees unlike the Japanese cars which opens at 30 degrees. What the hell does the angle of the door matter? It is perfect for photo-op in your wedding, so once you get down the car the cameras will be at a perfect angle and you don’t have to worry about your long gown going hitched. What the? This is what I am paying for.

And I was like, “Okay fine keep that in mind girl!” Oh by the way he always carries with him his Elder wand, yes the most powerful wand in the whole universe. [I always listen attentively to him, who knows he might just use a Cruciatus curse]

Ahhhh…. That’s just how my day went. Boring. 

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