Insomnia, Rant and Destiny

I wonder if it is the day when everybody just had a not-so-good-morning.

Yes, I had a pretty rough evening last night. I was tossing and turning until one in the morning. Last time I checked it was one A.M. so I don’t exactly know what time I was able to completely dozed off. Ahhh… Insomnia.[It has been going for a week now]

Well, I woke up fine. I was ready to kick ass and started just fine– munching on dates and events at 7:30 in the morning– my idea of breakfast. Okay I had oatmeal and then I buried myself in my notes.

When I got in my Philosophy class it was so funny that in the middle of the lecture my professor, who had an encounter with a student before our class time, said he wanted to rant if we’ll give him the permission to do so. Besides, according to him his story is in line with what Scheler is saying about co-responsibility. Permission granted.

Let’s call my professor Mr. Cool Guy. He shared with us how one of his students in the same course from a different section requested a consultation with him. My professor, kind as he is never refused any of us for counsel or something like that.

So, this student came to him in the department and in the most straight forward way asked him if he could manipulate his grades because he’s currently on probation. [that means he has D in his weighted average of all his subjects last semester and if he couldn’t pull his borderline grade point average he’ll soon be gone]  The student needs a C+ in the subject for him to be able to stay in the university.

Mr. Cool Guy looked him in the eye and answered, “You come here with all audacity to ask me that kind of thing? I am not a magician, I don’t create grades. You make them I record it. Tell me how I would give you a good grade if you’re not attending class, you’re missing quizzes, you failed your midterms, and you are not showing any effort to do well in my class. I can’t stand your guts.” Guess what the student reaction was- poker face.

I was in front of the class and I smiled at him as he dramatically re-enacted the whole event. The reason I was smiling was because yes I understand his point but what’s more important is I think I knew who the person he’s talking about was. Who else could it be but Marco a.k.a. Lebron.

That class was my first class and somehow it gave direction to my day.

We all have to help each other achieve our destinies, however, that doesn’t mean we are responsible to one another. Yes, there is co-responsibility but not responsibility. That simply means we have to make sure that our actions are in accordance with the order of love because our decisions and our choices affect other people. We have to fulfill our destiny by doing what is best for us and by carrying out what we are called to do we also facilitate in the growth of those people around us bringing them to completeness and wholeness.

In Mr. Cool Guy’s case he’s just fulfilling his destiny, as a professor he brings knowledge to us, his students by stimulating our minds as well as our emotions. But as students, we are expected to fulfill our destinies as well, that is to attend our classes, study, listen, understand and excel.

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