Win as Much as You Can

Except for the harrowing Money and Banking exam I took this afternoon my day just went fine. Well, it’s not quite the end of my agony but it’s Friday! So yes.

It wasn’t the usual lecture in Philosophy today, it is the day of Sparta and winning! Haha. Yes I call it like that simply because we had this really cute activity “Win as Much as YOU Can” wherein the class was divided into two clusters composed of four groups with four members. The goal of the game is to get the highest point in each cluster beating the other teams as well as competing as a cluster against the other. The team with the highest score at the end of the game for each cluster will get an A the second a B and so on.

It was kind of a spoiler for me since I already know how the people will react given the reward. No one wants to lose so everyone will try the best strategy to be the one on top. Unfortunately, it was already spoiled for me since I played the same kind of game in my Microeconomics class two years ago when we were discussing game theories. We just have a different name for it, the “Prisoner’s Dilemma” game.

The end goal wasn’t really to win by group but to achieve the highest possible success that will benefit all parties. That’s what the game was really about. It’s very similar to the behavior of monopolistic firms in an economy. The point is, even though (people or) firms in the case of monopoly are not conniving they can arrive at a price that will give them the highest possible revenue.

Such is true for the game we played. Luckily, the groups in my cluster were able to receive the signals we’ve been sending one another and even there was no communication going on each team were getting the right message. It was also a good thing that the teams in my cluster were willing to save the groups that were already getting too much negative points so as to equalize all the points.

To make the story short, all the groups belonging in our cluster had a positive score not lower than 10. On the contrary those in the other cluster had negatives and positives. Thus, the teams in our group got an A and a B unlike our competitor who got A,B,C, and D. People in that cluster were really into winning.

When we were asked by Mr. Cool Guy how we ended up with positive scores for each team in our cluster and seemed to have a connection while the other cluster struggled leaving them with negatives and positives, we just said that we thought the aim was to win and so we decided to win.

The difference between my cluster and the others is this: the teams in my cluster were not greedy. Everyone was willing to help the others revive themselves when they were losing.

And I guess we better understood the concept of the game, to win as much as YOU can. By winning it means that YOU should win. The YOU being me, him, her, and us. It points not just to a single individual rather it was about having equality and thinking not just about what is best for the self but what is also best for others. Because we understand that every action we make has a corresponding effect on others we were able to win.

That’s enough for now. It’s 5:30 in the afternoon meaning I have to leave now to meet with my tutor. Ciao!

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