Friendship Problem at Hand

For some reason we keep a rule called “Don’t Even Try to Snake Your Friend’s Boyfriend”. A universally accepted canon in friendship that need not be vocally expressed or even requires digression.

It basically is an unsaid standard axiom with the circle of people you trust and the parties involve come to understand and take that. However, there are just times when people’s emotions get the best of them.

I had a conversation with my bestfriend Elaine last night and she confided with me about how she felt like a traitor to our other friend Lavinia. The three of us grew up together and we had known each other since first grade so we’re really glued tight.

Sadly, when we all started college our [Elaine and I] relationship with Lavinia slowly drifted apart. We got separated; I went to a different University while the two of them are together in another college.

Elaine and I managed to keep a healthy friendship and we are able to keep a strong bond whereas Lavinia shared less and less of her time and life with us. We lost our connection with her, there’s a thin thread which still ties both of us to her that remained though.

Since they are in the same school, a few days back Lavinia invited Elaine to have lunch with her only to find out that it won’t be just the two of them, Lavinia was with a guy and she wants Elaine to meet him. Of course it was just fine with my bestfriend, Elaine.

The fire just ignited.

“Hirro was cute and he seemed nice. I got twitterpatted and I couldn’t get him out of my mind. I am afraid I like him but you know… Lavinia” she typed.

I was like, “Oh my gosh! Am I reading this correctly? This will cost us a not just a Berlin Wall, worst a Great Wall. Just don’t flirt with the guy okay [which I know she will never do]. And don’t tell her that you have a crush on her guy, it will surely make her go gaga.”

For me it wasn’t really a big deal since she’s not initiating anything or doing anything wrong that will hurt Lavinia. The problem according to Elaine is she thinks it is an act of betrayal. Well maybe yes, but the fact that she knows what needs to be done… it won’t cause any damage.

She’s just being true to her feelings and I know she won’t do anything harsh that might harm the friendship or make it totally collapse. I am certain that Elaine will get over that crush thing a few days from now. And if she doesn’t we’ll figure out what to do sooner or later.

Is it even considered snaking, the fact that she’s resisting her emotions and not doing anything? It’s just in the mind.

{Coldplay’s “The Scientist” in the background while writing this. }

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