Stubborn Me Taking Over

I am supposed to be writing my Developmental Economics paper. But here I go again slacking off trying to find something that will move me to ponder about the theories in those books lying on my bed and somehow put into words what I have understood for our assigned research paper. In the hope of getting inspired I turned to blogging only to get my time wasted and I realized that “Oh it’s been an hour since I sat down in front of my laptop and my brain hasn’t made it’s take-off yet!”

When will I ever fight procrastination? When will I ever learn that doing things in a rush won’t bring any good?

I have this principle in life, “If you are not in the mood to do what you are ought to do don’t force yourself. Don’t waste time and effort, better waste just one- time, than both. Once you find the urge to do it the ideas will come naturally so don’t force yourself”.  This often results in cramming BIG time.

Okay, stop neglecting your work Max! Do it, and do it now! I beg you.

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