Journal Entry :)

Hadn’t written anything last night.

I had been surviving five days of my life with analgesic to ease headaches and possible fever. I’ve been sleeping super late burning the candle at both ends because tomorrow I will face the gallows. Ah death. [okay not literally, figuratively]

Last night we had dinner with my Marketing professor in the previous semester in one of his restaurants. He’s a restaureneur and he owns a chain of restaurants in the country that serve really delicious dishes. My group for in Leadership Strategy asked him to help us for our Organizational Behavior paper and he was willing to do so. In short he allowed us to make observations in his restaurants for our OB analysis.

We chatted and had a few drinks. [I know it wasn’t good because I wasn’t feeling well and I’d been stress for two weeks now!] I am high alcohol tolerant person so I didn’t mind having two mega martinis. Surprisingly, I got tipsy and when I arrived home I went straight to my soft comfortable bed and dozed off. Arrggghhh.. Bad decision. I wasn’t able to study!

So I wasn’t able to study for my History finals tomorrow which is a comprehensive exam. Then we have a defense for our paper which I mentioned in my previous posts. {The presenters yesterday were murdered by my professor and it made me super nervous now.} Plus, I got contacted by this big power company last night, telling me that I passed the first screening and I had to take the test that they’ll administer tomorrow morning. [I’m happy that somehow there’s hope for internship, but… how will I survive my day tomorrow]

It’s time for my Philosophy class now. I have to run! Zaijian!

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