It’s Appreciation Day

As I have mentioned in my previous entries I had a pretty exhausting week. Nonetheless, I don’t think there’s any reason to sulk and keep thinking about what’s already past. Just because some people ruined it, that doesn’t mean others weren’t able to mend it. So this is for those people who held me when I was almost quitting and who gave their time to listen to all my rants.

To Justin,

Two months, the length of time we’ve known each other. You sit behind me in DE class but we never really talk to each other. You’re quite acquainted with some of my friends yet we never really said hi or hello.

We belong in the same organization and it was in this YES event last January when we first talked. I couldn’t believe how talkative and amiable you are. I thought you were some snob braniac who dises average people like me. I was completely wrong.

Despite the short period of time that I’ve known you I am always comfortable to share with you all the thoughts in my head. Thank you for listening to my mostly stupid musings.

When I didn’t know what to do with our DE paper you were always the encouraging voice behind me while my groupmates were nowhere to be found. Thank you for answering my questions when my dumb moments were kicking in. For the unrelenting patience in explaining those that I couldn’t understand, a huge thanks.

You were having your own groupmate-problems but still you became my instant-illegitimate-groupmate/partner who had been exchanging views about the theoretical framework that I was using. I couldn’t have survived the week without your chillness being transmitted in me.

To Doc DG,

Although you’re not the one I should consult regarding the paper you were always willing to lend me a hand. You’re the fatherly figure among my economics professor and you always have that positive energy that radiates to people.

I admire how you always find joy in all things. Whenever I worry about our presentation and our paper you were always there to tell me, “Okay slow down. Let’s see what we can do”.

Thank you is not enough. I want to hug you but that will be awkward so I will not do that.

To Mr. Cool Guy,

There are a lot of things I would like to say to you but I won’t. I couldn’t really put to words everything that you contributed in my everyday happiness. Each day since I became your student, I never felt less grateful for having you as my professor. You made me see things in different ways and opened my eyes [not just the mind] to a lot of different things.

To Kristin and Mandy,

You’re more than awesome. You are the-bestest-friends one could ever wish for.

To our housekeeper Ms. Lin,

Thank you for taking care of me, for preparing my everyday meal, and for cleaning my room. Thank you for doing all the things I couldn’t do.



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