Journal Entry

It is two in the morning and I am currently working on a paper with my groupmates for our OB paper which we will present on Saturday. That’s how we roll.

Funny how I can stay up this late for five consecutive nights already and still kept my eyes open in class the whole day. I guess the adrenaline’s rushing to keep me alive and sustain me each passing day.

I had my exam for my internship earlier in the morning which cost me 30 minutes of being late in my History class. It was really hard! The proctor administered the exam an hour late because their company had a problem with our school’s security. Their company weren’t able to secure a permit from the school {I think} that they will be in the University to conduct the internship exam for the students who passed their first screening. So, our guards held them for an hour. It was funny how the proctor relate her story to us, “as if we’re going to kidnap you guys”. haha.

The moment I finished answering I ran to my history class because I was already 30 minutes late! I had to silently get in while the eyes of my classmates peered over me as if being late is a huge crime. Gah. Honestly I didn’t want to attend my History class anymore because the exam results of our test on Thursday last week would be returned and I know it didn’t go well. I have no right to be late if my score’s low, correct?

After the discussion, I approached my professor who reminds me of my Grandpa (let’s call him Grandpa Prof) and asked him if I could get my exam. He handed it to me, when I opened it I was surprised that a huge B+ was written on my paper! Holly molly guacamole! I pinched myself, it was real and not just a figment of my imagination. [ I was shocked because no one ever get’s an A in his class and the usual grades of people who passes him is well a C and a D. So when they learned that I’m under Grandpa Prof they were all wishing me good luck, according to them the highest possible grade that he gives is a C in every longtest and it already makes people happy] I wasn’t expecting anything like that. So yeah, I couldn’t contain the happiness in me I had that huge grin in my face after I saw it.

On the afternoon I faced my executioner. Haha. Just kidding! We presented our paper to Voldemort, it wasn’t that awesome but it wasn’t that bloody as compared to the Tuesday presenters. It was basically somewhere in the middle and as usual I was the only one answering the professor’s question because I was the one who knows what was in the paper. Pfff.

After that I had a good swim in the pool of my friend’s condominium under the starry night. We decided to get a dip before we started with our OB-paper to be presented on Saturday.

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