Missed Calls… and their Consequences.

Yesterday while we were having a dry run for our presentation I kept my phone in my bag. I didn’t know there was someone calling me, I only found out after the presentation which was already six in the evening. It was a landline number and it called twice. I decided to dial it today, I was just curious who it might be. When it rang, the answering machine said “This is [insert multinational investment bank’s name here]. For blah blah blah press…” I pressed end button and I heard my heart beat.

I swallowed.

I called again and on the third time there was another life form in the line. I told her that they called me twice yesterday but I failed to pick up my phone. The female on the other line said, “Oh you have sent an application?” and I told her I did submit for internship. She told me that the company will call later within the day.

I made the call between three and 3:30 this afternoon and it’s nearly six, my phone hasn’t rung yet. I hope they call me back. I don’t want it to just slip away.

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