It Just Goes that Way


Done with the OB-presentation. If I would rate our performance earlier I would say we did a good job. Besides, the panelists said that we really have a very focused and clear study. [Yihhh!] I’m not bragging okay, I just feel good.

It is not yet the end of everything, I still have tons of exam. For this coming week I’ve got three exams and then the following week is finals week. So… you get the idea, right? I am just happy that I somehow managed to reach this Saturday with this energy.

Anyway, to the unknown number [it’s not in my contacts] who sent me three text messages earlier today, I want to say that I don’t believe in “textmates”. Second, I don’t reply to messages from strangers unless they tell me who they are. But of course thank you for saying that you like me and for sending a “good luck” message [how did you know I have something big for today?]. However, I am sorry because I couldn’t tell you that I like you too because your identity is unknown. Lastly, I advise you to leave your name at the end of your texts if you want me to reconsider responding to it. 🙂


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