We Can’t Stop the Rain from Pouring

In a snap of a finger everything can disappear in thin air. In a blink of an eye light can turn to darkness. In one press of a button we can be swallowed into nothingness. When it happens, it happens. We couldn’t say “can we pause”? “Can we stop for a while”?

Life is not a computer game, we don’t have three lives to repeat the game. Game over is game over.

Death. It is like a friend who always walks besides us and an enemy who whispers on our ears when the time has come to leave. We couldn’t say no to it because it never tells us when our flight will be, it comes in surprise.  It feels unfair. It is unfair that our species we’re not even given an option to choose the date of our departure. And it doesn’t choose who to take. [Always a surprise]

To my batch mate, MO who died in a car accident yesterday while on her way home after her Marketing defense, may you rest in peace. I might not know you personally but I wish you find peace on the other side.

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