This is why we love the Jesuits. And yes, Jesuits schools have the best basketball team! Aha! We’re this school year’s champion in the inter-university basketball competition.

Jesuits, they are just awesome. They are intelligent and they have a huge heart. I agree that they are always seen as “different”. My uncle is a member of the Society of Jesus (he’s a Jesuit priest) and I am studying in a Jesuit university thus I am also considered a Jesuit (everyone who are taught the Ignatian values and belongs to a Jesuit community is a Jesuit, so yes). People always deem us as elitist and sometimes they think that we go against Church teachings simply we are not bound by traditional beliefs and norms- we are free.

Congratulations Pope Francis!


When I entered the Jesuit order 25 years ago, several friends — including the Catholic ones — scratched their heads. “You’re entering the what?” was the most common response.

When I slowly repeated the name of the Catholic religious order that I had decided to join, only a few registered a flicker of recognition. Tell your average Joe (or Joan) that you’re a Jesuit, that is a member of the group formally known as the Society of Jesus, and they’ll often ask “But aren’t you a Catholic?” Among Catholics, Jesuits may be best known for founding universities like Georgetown, Boston College and Fordham, and all those schools named Loyola. (We tend to have great basketball teams as well.)

Despite our high-profile schools, the general confusion about Jesuits persists. My all-time favorite reply came from a reporter who once asked, “Were your parents Jesuits?” Um, no.

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