Journal Entry

Before the today becomes yesterday and before my eyes close into the complete unknown where the consciousness is transported to another world, I want to capture my day through words.

Last MoBank. I had the option not to attend our last class today because I am already exempted. But I chose to finish the last lecture for it is the last lecture. I super love Doc DG that I just couldn’t let the semester end without completely finishing the course. I went there for knowledge and of course for him.

The class ended with a photo-op and I am more than glad to have something to keep with me. Memories are enough, but having something concrete like a picture is better. So, yeah.

LS/OB Exam. I took an exam without studying again. I just browsed through the pages of the book for the same reason that I am too stubborn and so not feel like reading the whole book again from the very beginning. Yes, it’s a comprehensive exam and all the lessons that we discussed in the whole semester were included. I read it before so why read it again? I am not just as studious as other kids out there.

[Wait! Don’t get me wrong. I love learning okay, I’m just not a fan of “studying”.]

Second Sem Celebration. After enduring that bloody test, we went to our school’s varsity celebration. It was a night dedicated to the athletes who competed for our university and showed the spirit of “giving it all out”.

It’s the first time that a huge party happened in the second semester where the community gathered around a bonfire, complete with bands and stuff. Usually the players whose season kick-starts in the first semester get most attention and are the ones who are lauded  while those athletes in other sports whose season is in the second semester tend to be neglected. They are the unsung heroes.

Hence, for the first time we had a part two of the night commending the athletes of every sport not just the basketball team, swimming team, judo team, badminton team, table tennis team and lawn tennis team (which are the teams who usually receive recognition in the first semester because it’s their season and for the same reason that they are usually the champions in their respective categories). Tonight the soccer team, baseball team and fencing teams were the ones under the spotlight. It’s the first time after so many years ( I think less than 10 years) that the “championship” title was brought back in its proper place.

But no matter what, we are proud of our athletes. Win or lose we acknowledge what they still brought honor to our school by giving all their heart and by playing fair and square. Win or lose, it doesn’t matter because it’s the university that we choose and for that matter we are always winners.

The unexpected election of a Jesuit Pope is an even bigger reason for this celebration tonight!

Fireworks burst in various colors of scarlet red, bright green, brandeis blue, heliotrope and lemon chiffon. It enveloped the night sky like a veil of glitters in the air slowly falling in magical synchrony.

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