Quick Recap

My thoughts are scattered– floating and sailing. Thus, I would just make this post brief and short.

The moment I got out of bed I started answering the remaining thesis statements I had not answered yet. I was cramming again big time.

Came 12noon and I started worrying because I’ll have my orals at 220PM and I haven’t practiced reciting what the outlines I made for the thirteen theses. I rushed and printed my PES at 135PM and continued orating whatever was in my notes, pretending I was already in front of my professor.

The time has come. I entered the room with a pounding heart, my professor was smiling as I laid my bag on the floor. When I was already seated and comfortable he looked at my PES from first semester and my second semester Midterm PES. Then he made some comments about them then told me, “Number 6” (the thesis statement I had to answer).

It was the question I asked him in one of my consultations with him and he included it in the thesis statements that he made for the test. Then he gave me that “you-know-this-you-asked-me-this-before-so-you-should-be-able-to-answer-it” grin.

I delivered my “oratorical piece” (that’s what I call it) while he wrote on my clean PES for my final orals. I finished in eight minutes, 10 minutes is the  maximum time allowed to state your answer. Then he handed me the folder containing my PES.

I sat there still and looked at him. He smiled.

I couldn’t hold it anymore.

“I don’t want to leave yet. I want to make a speech. I want to thank you. There could have been many students who said that word to you but I haven’t said it yet so I am saying Thank You right now.” I delivered my other speech and I couldn’t hold the tears. They just flowed freely and uncontrollably as I tried to tell him all that I wanted to tell him. It took another five minutes. Yes I took some of the time of my friend who was next to me but Mr. Cool Guy (my Philosophy professor) did not bother. He made me finish what I had to say, but when I ended I wasn’t really able to say everything.

When I went out of the room I opened the folder to look at my grade. I did not peek or even bother to see it the moment I finished talking. I was overjoyed. I opened the door again and went back in the room (although my friend was already there) since I could see that they weren’t really starting yet. I thanked him again for the “A”, I did not expect it!

Given that it was my last exam for this semester I went out with shopping with Marge and we watched Oz.

This became long though. But if I would really write all the emotions that I have right now and the whole experience it would be longer.

Sorry I thought this is going to be brief.

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