Because I Can’t Understand

I’m finally home and yes it’s officially “summer” for me! The eight hour bus ride yesterday was worth it. Yay!

I was able to go out and visit my aunts and cousins who were surprised in my unannounced arrival. It was an awesome day– the food, the bed, my room, my family. Ahh… The perks of being in your own house.

However there was some bad news too and I couldn’t help but have this “oh-shit!” reaction. We were having lunch earlier and my mother asked me if I already know what happened to Jay. He was one of the good fellows in our old neighborhood when I was still around the age of one to four. And then we left that old neighborhood and moved in our new house.

Going back to Jay, he was a real good man– very kind. I have no bad words for him, he was just so awesome. Unfortunately he faced an awful death, it’s unbelievable and unbearable for me.

Jay is currently in his 30’s with a child and a really nice wife. A week ago he was having a good fun with friends sharing stories and drinking alcohol. A friends’ friend from the military came and joined them. The military dude was in AWOL. I don’t know the whole story, all I we knew was the guy had a grenade and he dropped it in the circle of people who were having a good drink. The bomb exploded and jay was one of those people who got hit by the shrapnel, it was found that there were 27 shots in his body.

It was a tragic ending for a man so honorable like Jay. A man who was leaving a decent life and working an honest job; a man who was a good brother and a good son; a man who treated me more than a neighbor but also a younger sister; a good father and a good husband. I just couldn’t understand why people like him are the ones being taken, why not the AWOL military dude? Why take the good ones and leave the evil ones?

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