Old Kids On The Block

When was the last time we sat in that living room together?

The memory that flashes back in my head was when we were still very young– very young indeed. Back to those days, we gather in my aunt and uncle’s living room to talk about the games we were going to play, the rules and what not. Today we sat on the wooden sofas telling each other stories about our universities, the plans we have for the coming years, the professions we wanted to take and other adult things.

Since the oldest among my fourth cousins entered high school such events rarely happened. We grew up and started to find our own interests. All of us left the ancestral neighborhood when our parents built our houses in some other place, although not that far from one another, we only get to see each other in social happenings and gatherings. I miss these fourth cousins of mine, we’re not the best of cousins but we’re really close for a fourth generation offspring– that I can assure you.

Sometimes I miss the old times, when all we had in mind were hide-and-seek, tag, playhouse and other children’s games. Now the topic of conversation is not just about “games”, it’s about our lives. It’s funny how we now call ourselves “adults” and how time has changed.

We are kids no more. Dianne has a child now, Kaye is now working for the government, Allen just graduated from college, I am now on my fourth year at university while Myca, McJo, and my brother are all incoming undergraduates.

This is the perks of Lenten holiday. I get to be with the people I rarely spend time with which reminds me of the good old times.

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