Interviews and Madness

This is wrong, but… holy hell is it erotic. – Anna Steele

It was a long day but I have a short story.

I had my final interview for this big real estate company this morning and I decided I want to be a marketing intern so they put me in that department. I’m just waiting for the instructions as to what I need to pass before I start regarding the papers that need to be signed by my school. On the afternoon I was caught off guard and was interviewed for this financial firm. I felt I screwed it, I really did, because my mind got totally blank when this handsome financial analyst dude started talking. It was a good thing that the other interviewer graduated from my university with the same course and so I was pretty cool with him.

It was really awkward with the handsome guy whom I’ll call Christian Grey. He’s totally hot and he’s got that innocent smile, that I can assure anyone. I was with my friend who got interviewed as well. When I arrived home I received a text message from Christian Grey asking me if I’m available for a second interview tomorrow.

I got giddy, I asked Marge (my friend who was also interviewed) if she got a message from Christian Grey. I wanted to have the same interview schedule with her. However, Marge told me Christian Grey did not message her. So, I replied to Grey that I am free this week and I can go to the second screening, all he needs to do is inform me.

In an instant I was scheduled for tomorrow at five in the afternoon. Yes, five in the afternoon. I don’t know why it’s that late but that’s what he said. I said “sure” and he told me to feel free to ask questions. I have no choice but to go there because I acted on impulse with that “Yes” but whatever.

I’m still wondering how I looked when Christian Grey entered the conference room. I really felt the blood in my body rushed in my head and it was suddenly hot inside that air conditioned room. I hope I did not look flashed. Damn it! I don’t want to expose my desire for him.


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