Have I told you yet that I was offered an internship position in the investment firm where Christian Grey works and that I already accepted their proposal? This only means that I’d be seeing more of Grey in the coming days. Success!

I mentioned in my previous post that Grey (the gorgeous financial analyst) asked me to go back yesterday for another set of interview. So I went there at five in the afternoon. I was really nervous, because who does an interview that late? But I would admit that at the back of my head I was wishing that Grey would tell me how he likes me and a whole lot another fictional stuff.

When I arrived in their office I had a sigh of relief when I saw that there were still a lot of employees. [However, I wished that there weren’t a bunch of them and it would be Grey and I.]  Paul a course mate of mine who also graduated from the same university attended to me when I arrived. Grey was nowhere to be found.

Paul led me to the conference room, the same room where he interviewed me along with Grey last Tuesday. I waited for around ten minutes, when the glass door swung open. A cute guy who looks like Harry Shum, Jr. emerged from it with his really cute smile. He extended his hand for a shake and said, “Sorry if I kept you waiting”. His name is RB and he is the manager, the head of the team.

He just asked me a few questions and we somehow just conversed about the internship. Although I wasn’t sure yet whether I’ll get hired I was already assuming that I am accepted. So I asked him when will I know if I’ll get the position because I already have a pretty good shot in the real estate company I mentioned in my other post so I wanted to know as early as possible if I’ll get in. I prefer the investment firm (where Grey is) over the real estate one.

RB just told me that Grey will contact me tomorrow (which was today, Thursday) to give the answer because he still has to discuss it with the team. But so far according to RB I was one of the three interns that were in their shortlist. Yes, there will only be three interns that will get hired. And according to RB, I am good for him and he said that Paul and Grey seemed to like me as well based on the interview that happened the day before. Additionally, he said,

  “ I enjoyed talking to you. You seem to be good at boys.”

I laughed it off. But what the hell? What does that mean? I don’t want to give meaning to it but coming from a Harry Shum, Jr. look alike with that air and talent for words, I could read that he’s a playboy.

He turned me over to the two ladies and I was questioned again. When we finished, I felt like I was already accepted and a member of the team. Hence, when we went out of the room I was smiling as if I was already friends with the other employees. And then I saw Grey and Paul looking at our direction, I beamed at both of them. I waved at Grey and said a soft and airy “bye!”. [Damn it. He looked so perfect!]

An hour after I left their office I received an official message from Grey telling me I got the position. And there, I’ll be working with him.

I headed to Kristin’s apartment where we waited for Ferdie. We spent the night together, eating and going to a comedy bar. It was fun! I had so many laughs. We went back to Kristin’s place at four in the morning.

I couldn’t believe I had a hangover with that one beer that I drank! I never had a hangover with hard drinks so how did that happen?

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