Max: Back on Track

I am well aware that I have neglected this blog for quite some time– one month. Man, I’m surprised it’s still alive and breathing.

It wasn’t due to stubbornness. It wasn’t due to lack of things to write. It wasn’t due to alienation with words that made me silent for the whole month of May.

There are so many things I wanted share and to put into writing. However, as much as I wish to supply this blog with fresh stories of my adventures, my explorations and my experiences I am ALWAYS constrained by time and energy.

I was in a summer internship program under an investment firm for one and a half month which I took by heart. It was a wonderful experience and everyday I wished to write about what was happening with me. Unfortunately, I couldn’t juggle everything in one whole day. I tried to fit writing in my schedule, but because I always come home late I don’t have the time to do so. It was also impossible to write while in the office, for the simple reason that it’s the workplace where an excellent output is expected from you.

Now that the first semester has opened I vowed that I will write more often and maybe write some of the things I failed to share during my busy internship.

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