First Salary

 Ahhh… the feeling you get when you receive your first hard earned money- unfathomable. I felt like a carefree butterfly flapping my wings in the air and dancing with bees in the tune of chirping birds like having a sugar rush from the taste of the sweet nectar of flowers.

I feel rich! I know… I know… there’s really no huge deal about getting a salary, but for me it’s something BIG. I just took hold of my first paycheck last Friday which Paul brought to school (I wasn’t able to get it in the office the day the check was released because I already left for vacation and home, besides our internship was already over by then). Written on it was my name and an amount of 12,800 bucks! It’s a fine amount but for someone like me who received her first salary I deem it as a treasure, not everyone gets 400 bucks each day in his/her job with fun working environment, lively office mates and all expense paid company outing as bonuses. It’s really a blessing.

I will write about Paul’s visit in the University some other time because right now I still couldn’t process what happened on that Friday (June 16, 2013).

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One thought on “First Salary

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    Welcome to our community of bloggers. Thank you for sharing the ride with me.

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