Knowing the Limits

Aside from the learning experiences from my internship there are a whole lot more things I gained in my treasure chest of memories from summer 2013. Let me share one for tonight which is part of my crazy collection.

The Friday (April 19th) of my first week in my internship I decided to go out with my best friends. Zinds, Laurenze, Kristin and I decided to have dinner together after office hours. We ate in this restaurant which Kristin brought us– nothing fancy. It was I who planned to have a little get-together, BUT they all vetoed for the restaurant I suggested. According to them it’s too expensive; hence we ended up into that unforgettable place not so far away.

It’s a cozy place with a little hippie and nostalgic theme. The wall’s covered with newspaper-ish wallpaper about old movies from the ‘50s. The food was okay but it’s not something I will say ‘delicious’. Nonetheless, the staffs were really nice (and they play a really important role as to why I am still alive).

Earlier that evening I told my friends I won’t be drinking because I experienced muscle spasm in my left chest that same morning which caused my uncle (who’s working on the next block) to pick me up from work and bring me to a doctor. I just experienced some pain in my chest which was easily eased by some medications.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to hold firm on that decision. I did drink some shots.

The three of them ordered several mixed shots. It was getting a little late on my watch so I suggested that instead of using the shot glasses we use the normal sized glasses to finish each 1.5 liter of seven different alcohol mixes. I then pushed them to do ‘bottom’s up’ together to easily topple the drinks.

A crazy idea I regret.

I downed the six mixed drinks with them. On the seventh I was already in another world staggering for dear life. It was the very first time I got knocked down by alcohol. [Tententen… technical knockout!]

I was really drunk. Super drunk! I felt the world spinning and I couldn’t stand on my own. I was talking shit, laughing aimlessly and puking all over the place. Funny as it might sound, even though I was under the influence of alcohol I clearly remember everything that was happening around me.

The waiter had to carry me from the chair to the coach so I could lie down comfortably. I was really noisy and giddy, now I am ashamed of it. Since I couldn’t get off on my feet on my own Laurenze had to lift me when we took the cab going to his place.

My three friends were also drunk as hell, it took Laurenze and Kristin an hour or so to sober up. They were the ones who brought the nearly unconscious me and the comatose Zinds (I was puking and he was too, but he was in a really worse position).

What amazed me when I woke up the next day was the number of steps of the staircase that we traversed to get to Laurenze’s room where we slept.

I did not have hangover that morning after getting wasted but I swear I don’t think I will do that ever again. The whole day, I decided to sleep and drink a bottle of Gatorade to prevent dehydration. It took me one day to recover from my usual energetic self. Haha.

Now I know when it’s enough.

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