Why Are Gay Men So Afraid Of Themselves?

someone i know should read this.

Thought Catalog

Why are gay men so afraid of themselves? It’s as if we all wake up in the morning and stare into our mirrors and are repulsed by what stares back at our beautiful faces. We all put on different masks to hide our insecurities: whether they be fear of intimacy, of society, or even ourselves. We’re all just trying to hide the fact that there is a deep current of unhappiness within our community. We compartmentalize ourselves into groups- masc., fem, top, bottom, verse, twink, bears, otters because it’s no longer enough for us to be human and homosexual, we need to faction ourselves even more just to avoid the terrifying prospect of rejection.

I recently spoke to a friend who was in a relationship with a man who came with a slew of rules. My friend was told not to comment on his boyfriend’s facebook activity, tag pictures of…

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