One Space for Two Persons

I don’t know. I don’t know anymore. 

When I first came into that office I was pretty sure it was Grey I like(d)I fell for his natural sweetness, his funny pride, and his annoying arrogance sometimes.  During the summer, he was the only one who made my heart skipped a beat when he sung, who made me mad when he told me some crazy pick-up lines, who made me laugh at shitty stories, who made me hold my breath each time we have skin contact.

But two weeks before my summer internship ended, I realized that I have some feelings for another man who also belongs in the same team. Worse is… he has a girlfriend. I was trying to brush off the feeling but I couldn’t.

[Instead of setting the feelings aside, it intensified because of what happened on Friday (June 13) when he gave a talk in school.]

Three weeks passed since my internship ended and I never heard anything from Grey. Three weeks passed and it’s Paul who made contact. Three weeks my heart is confused.

I am supposed to be reading for my History class, however it is unlikely that I would fully understand the text at hand due to thoughts flying here and there. I am wondering if Grey misses me at the same time I am pissed that Paul never returned my last text last night.

I miss Grey. But I also miss Paul.

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