The Story of Two Stories

I will share a story of a story. I will try to make it as short and as simple as possible because for one, I do not really know the whole of it. I tried to connect the dots and fit the pieces together to create a story from a story. Second, I have limited time to have a detailed description of everything. Besides, I do not have the complete story at hand; I am just some Sherlock trying to understand the tragedy around me.

As I have said, this tale wasn’t an experience of mine. This is a tale from friend about a friend.

Summer. There are a lot of things that could happen over the summer.

[Summer flings and summer heart break.]

Unfortunately, life is a tragedy. There are more hearts being torn than being fed with love. As for the two situations that I will tell you, it’s the sad part.


The tell tale heart.

Two weeks ago I heard about the Jim’s break up with his girl Mikh. It was just three months ago that I heard about them being together. [It wasn’t even publicized, there were just a few people who knew about the news.] Hence, I was pretty surprised when the word reached me.

Well. Relationships, some of them had to be ended.

Earlier today, I heard Mikh talking about the break up. I really had no idea what or who caused the cutting of ties. As an avid observer and listener, I silently stood there beside Camille trying to pick up as much information as I could to complete my investigation.

Based on what the girl told Camille it was the girl’s fault. She fell inlove with another guy, worst a friend of Jim, without Jim knowing it. She was already having an affair with FA before she had the courage to open the subject to Jim.

Of course, Jim got furious. [Fuck. Who wouldn’t?]It even reached to the point when he was already shouting at Mikh while they were discussing the problem.

To make it short and simple they broke up. From then on Mikh cannot talk to Jim anymore due to shame.

[See! Fairytales and happy endings do not happen in the real world. That’s why they are called tales and not reality. Sorry, too much pessimism.]

Camille who, according to her, Jim talked to about the matter told Mikh that he’s no longer furious at her. He wants to keep the friendship with FA and with Mikh; he’s wondering why Mikh rarely talk to him anymore when he had already forgiven both of them.

For me Jim is a true living breathing man. A man who is mature enough and brave enough to liberate those who failed him. It may sound as a perfect madness for some, but on my view point, I see Jim as a person who knows how to really love. It is not easy to absolve others from inflicting pain. For me, only love can do that. Hence, by giving pardon to both FA and Mikh, Jim is also liberating himself– making the three of them free.


Another tell tale heart.

This other story came from another friend who personally shared her experience to me.

[If you hate the first story don’t go about reading this. I only share boring and nonsensical human experiences.]

I have a really close friend named Al who has another close friend from her organization whose name is Pat (she’s a girl, just in case you’re wondering). Al likes a guy named Miles who likes Pat. Unfortunately, Pat said she is was not interested with the guy.

Trusting as she is, Al shared everything to her. What she was feeling for Miles and how she felt everytime the two of them would spend some time together. Pat advised her never to fall for Miles because for her Miles is not the right guy for my friend– she deserves better. She even told Al not to tell Miles about her feelings which might turn into a broken friendship.

This advice however resulted in a broken heart.

For the summer Al wasn’t here. She took a vacation like many of the students whose majors are not required to take summer classes. Miles and Pat however had summer classes which gave them more time to be together.

While on Chicago, sad as it was, Al received a message from Pat confessing how she felt for Miles and that Miles already opened up his feelings for her. When semester begun, the Al and Pat aren’t in good terms. Even until now.

Al was telling me how she felt betrayed. How it was so easy for pat to snake the guy she likes. It may be viewed as a shallow ground, but trust and friendship are the issues in here.

I told her that the only way to be happy is to let go of the past and to forgive Pat. Yet, I believe it is easier than done. I guess she is yet to understand the liberation that love can give and I hope that she figure it out some time, maybe not today but in the coming days.

These two are stories of the struggle of humanity which might or might not have affected anyone outside the people I have mentioned above. Some might have sympathized or empathized with these people which asserted his/her humanity while some might not have felt anything and have forgotten that s/he is also human undergoing sufferings.

Let me borrow a stanza from John Mayer’s “I’m Gonna Find Another You” to close this.

It’s really over, you made your stand

You got me crying, as was your plan

But when my loneliness is through

I’m gonna find another you


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