Battle Against Tonsilitis

I have noticed that in the span of three months I experienced malaise thrice.

The overly warm weather and the stress of commuting during the summer gave me colds and coughs on the last week of April which led to sore throat extending to the first week of May. Aside from the bipolar weather and the virus that was spreading, stress played a huge factor back then. I had to struggle everyday waking up early and commuting two hours going to work and two hours going back home at the very least.

I am used to having my home near my school ever since I was in pre-school. Back to my hometown, heavy traffic is an alien word. When I moved here in the city I managed to deal with it due to the fact that my parents found me an apartment very near my university. The place I am staying right now is walking distant from my campus, however when I took the internship position in the investment firm I had to deal with the traffic and the heavy flow of commuters.

I had no option. I am an independent lady, I had to deal with it.

Now that it’s just the third week of first semester of senior year I don’t get it why I am undergoing through that illnesses all over again. I am equipped with multi-vitamins, sleep and seemingly healthy food, BUT here I am advised by the doctor to have a proper rest this weekend.

On Thursday I was feeling malaise so I decided to sleep early and take a medicine for flu just to prevent it from continuing to fever. On the dawn of Friday though, what I dreaded happened. I was chilling yet I wasn’t really hot.

The morning of Friday my head was really heavy I was eve dozing off during class. Luckily I always have early dismissals on Friday at 1:30 PM. By the time my last class ended I decided to go back home and sleep, by that time I was already having chills and a burning fever. I left the apartment at four in the afternoon to go back to the University for a general assembly with my organization and since I was already in school I decided to visit the infirmary and had a checkup.

The doctor just gave me a tablet of analgesic (even though I told her that my throat is hurting) and advised me to rest. Unfortunately on Friday night I felt really worse! When I woke up I was having difficulty opening my mouth and swallowing. I messaged my father and told him about the situation, he told me to take erythromycin to relieve the pain (the drug I am very familiar with because it’s always the drug my uncle doctor gives me whenever I have tonsillitis like now).

The sad thing though is the drugstore near my apartment doesn’t have it! The pharmacist said they haven’t received delivery yet. I was like, “What the fudge? I am suffering in hell and you tell me you don’t have what I am looking for?” Of course I didn’t blurt that out it just happened in my head. I ended up with amoxicillin instead, which I think is not that effective for me because until now it’s hurting ( I took two pills already since lunch). I think erythromycin works better for me because with just one pill I can easily feel the changes.

Ahhh… I don’t know what is happening with me. I was never seriously sick since first to third year, yes I do get headaches and colds sometimes but nothing like tonsillitis and fever. I hope this gets cured easily because it’s hard to study all these readings on my list when I am not in good shape. L

Go immune system, fight it! Fight it!

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