Innocence Bordering Stupidity

I have another story to share, a story I did not own but is now a part of me. Yes, I wasn’t the one who experienced it, I wasn’t the one involved. But because the person who owns this story shared it with me, because I am carrying it with me, it also became my story. (I do not mean ownership when I used the word MY.)

That’s just how we are, humans. And our humanity is asserted by stories we do not personally own but becomes ours as well because a fellow human being has walked on the very soil we are traversing.

Back on April when Paul was just opening up and I was just trying to be comfortable with the office and the people, he shared a funny little story of his past.

January of 2010 his ex-girlfriend told him that she wanted to still be friends with Paul. Paul, without picking up the context of the message said, “Sure! That’ll be way cooler.” Take note, there’s no talk of break up or even signs that their relationship is leading to its end.

February passed and he hadn’t been seeing the girl. He texted her several times but she wasn’t even responding. Paul just let it pass because he thought she was busy with school (the girl was from a different university, a few kilometers away ours).

It was already March and the girl never responded to his messages or calls. On the same month he graduated from college and on April he landed a job in the investment firm. Around his second week at work, he was asked to go one floor down in the consulting firm which has really close relations with the investment firm we’re working for.

When he got there he was surprised to see his girlfriend inside. It turned out she was an intern in the consulting firm. They said their casual hi’s and hello’s. He asked told the girl that they should have lunch together some time. The girl agreed but never returned his messages or phone call.

To make the long story short, it was only on May of that same year did he realize that he was single for four months already when his friends asked how was everything going with his him and girlfriend. When he told them what the girl said and asked them why she had been acting cold on him, that was the only time he had an epiphany of what had happened. Thanks to his friends!

The day after the company outing that same month he called the girl to call it off. The girl said a casual “Ok” and nothing followed. For Paul, he went cried for a good one week. He was broken hearted, worst was it was four months before he figured things out for himself.

Four months of being single without him knowing it! What a schmuck. (Yes I said schmuck on his face, we laughed about it and that’s basically it). We can all be like this sometimes.

The beauty of not knowing is there is no pain. The more you know the more it hurts.

There’s really no point in telling this story. I just want to write it down and share it. Haha!

I thought this will sound funny. But it doesn’t seem so. Ugh! I don’t know, when he was telling it I was laughing like hell. Well anyway that’s basically it.

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