Amazeballs? Not Really.

Walking on the corridor after my political science class a male voice from my left whispered in a somewhat audible manner (which can be heard by my friend on my right), “Elitist!

To my surprise it was my political science professor. He is the kind of guy you can talk to like a friend inside and outside the classroom. I was like, “Oh my God! You scared the hell out of me!” Yes, we’re too cool to use formalities. *wink*

As we were walking with my other friends, I asked him what high school he came from only to find out he came from the same high school as Emman. They got to talk about their sections during high school as well as things that not everyone will be able to relate to. Fortunately, I can follow whilst they were talking since I came from a high school that’s practically similar to theirs.

Gino, my professor asked me, “How about you? What high school did you come from?

I gave him a short and brief answer, from ***** [a science and technology focused high school in my hometown].

The reaction I got was epic! “What ? You also came from a science and technology high school? You don’t look like someone who attended such school.”

I looked at Gino and said, “What sir? Why?”

He gave me that “You-know-you’re-just-not-the-type-who-seems-to-have-studied-in-a-special-public-school-for-the-talented-students-in-science-and-mathematics.” Of course he did not say it verbally, the words though were painted on his face. I told him, “What the hell! That’s offensive!”

“You just don’t look like it,” he said once more.

He’s not the first one who said that, my volleyball coach in my sophomore year thought I graduated from an exclusive school for girla here in the city. I felt a little happy that I look like an expensive little brat, yet I felt degraded because I came from a better high school!

I came from a public high school but it is nothing like any other public high school. Not everyone can get into the school where I got my secondary education. It’s one of the high schools in my country where not everyone is accepted unless, well, you pass the exam. I might not look like the common awkward geek, I have embraced my geek-ness and I guess my being comfortable with myself made me look like a common college girl. I tell you I’m not, I am weird and unique!

It’s funny whenever people learn that I grew up in a farfetched town, away from the metropolis where there are no malls or skyscrapers. Yes, it’s a remote area six to eight hours drive from the city where I am currently staying. I like it whenever I see the reaction of someone who hears where I come from– priceless.

I don’t know why most people can’t believe it when I tell them I’m originally from a small town. Often, people will tell me “you don’t look like a small town girl”. It’s flattering because it means I don’t look like a lost child in the big city– I blend in, hooray! At the same time, it is somehow insulting for they have this stereotypical image of a provincial girl in their heads which is so 1900’s.

Physical appearance doesn’t say anything about the person.

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