Oh! The Things I Do

What is the point of living if everyone will just follow the usual trajectory that the first human beings had set forth?

[I’m not here to take the same path. I am here to make my own– the crazy things are part of it.]

I may not be the first to have done such insane moves, but I want to believe that I am one of those few. I like to think that I am an adventurer and an explorer, that’s why I try to do things that might sound absurd and ridiculous for the most number of people.

For others, I don’t know what their opinion is about the strange things I do. I don’t care anyway.

[Strange? Who is strange?]

Back in May of 2009, before I officially got to become a senior in high school, I attended a summer camp composed of youth from different regions of the country.  Young leaders of different ages from high school up until college level were gathered in B*****, a place with a cold weather despite the summer season. The main agenda of that summer camp was to talk about the environment.

It wasn’t really much for a summer camp. However, because of one foolish idea it became such a piece of treasure in my crazy collections.

I got to meet a lot of other young student leaders from different walks of life in that summer camp. But most of all, I got to enjoy looking at fresh, young, handsome faces. It’s a talent that I am blessed with– spotting the hot guys. My friends often say that it’s like I have a sensor whenever there are beautiful gents around, I can easily spot where they are. A natural tracker I am.

Inside the hall where everybody was having a good time with the game the group was playing, Anne and I were busy finding our way to the stairs. We were supposed to be going to where our friends were– upstairs. On our way up, there was this really cute guy with a radiant smile walking on the opposite direction. I was so captivated of course, so I asked Anne to come with me and follow the guy back down.

She said I was crazy.

We were just following the guy, last thing I know we were standing in front of a group of handsome men. The tall white guy, Bryan his name was, captured my attention. For me he stood out from the rest of them.

I was 15 and nuts. I guess my hormones just rushed in my system and whispered in my ears, ‘jump into it’! I pulled Anne’s arm and said, “I want to kiss him”. Her only reply was, “Wait. You’re crazy!”

I walked towards Bryan, flashed the best smile I could manage and delivered my request in the most charming way possible [*blink. + another blink. + puppy dog eyes. = magic*], “Hi! Can I kiss you?” I know it sounds pathetic but that’s how it happened. He was taken aback, I remember him revealing his porcelain white teeth and pausing for a moment.

Well, he’s a nice guy. He bent forward [he’s pretty tall] for me to be able to reach his face. Still keeping his smile, he moved a little closer and the last thing I know was his cheek was already in front of me saying hello. Filled with erratic excitement I rested my lips on that soft flesh.

Oh gosh! I just kissed a random stranger!

He has a name and I know it, yet the chances that our paths might cross again is really slim. We don’t have communication nor did I bother to get in contact with him. The first and last conversation we had was when I asked his name and I stole that one kiss from him.

So yes, I kissed a total stranger. 

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7 thoughts on “Oh! The Things I Do

  1. That is definitely worthy of a high five. WELL DONE.

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