Ask Asked

“Get a random question,” said the button on my page. I clicked it several times and there goes a list of random questions.

One is phrased, “What do you want right now?” while the one that follows it is worded this way “What is your goal?”

If the questions above were thrown at me four years ago it would be so easy to answer. I would surely give a well rehearsed, “I want to be a corporate lawyer in a multinational firm where I can sit on a pretty comfortable chair in a posh office letting my money grow on stocks and other investments, earning millions with one signature, and enjoying a lavish life.” [Isn’t that perfect?]

Now, I am not sure if I will give the same reply. I am not sure if I can give the same firm resolve in such inquiries at present.

I have many BIG dreams, so BIG that I am not that certain anymore. As my dreams grow in number, I lose a clear cut plan to achieve all of it.

[I wonder where that decisive child had gone. Has she been on the journey to her absolute score all this time or has she been sailing on the sea of uncertain reality without a map or compass to turn to?]

I am rethinking about the questions. I guess it is better to ask myself these following questions, (1) what makes me happy and (2) where do I want to lead my life?

[Oh didn’t I just give myself more things to ponder upon?]

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2 thoughts on “Ask Asked

  1. White Pearl says:

    The two questions you mentioned are necessary for everybody to figure out about his life !! Nice post 🙂 xx

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