Starfleet Mission

For three days I will be living in a different neighborhood.

How different?

I don’t know. I have an idea in my head but the concepts inside this fatty matter might not be the same with the real thing that awaits me. Some of my expectations might be proven correct while others might be proven wrong.

Starting tomorrow until Sunday, I will be living in the urban poor community with my five other groupmates. From the classroom, we are going out to the world to engage with the other and practice the concepts we learned from the confines of the university.

I am excited for the short immersion that I am going to undertake but I have to admit that there is also anxiety inside me. I am well aware that the environment of the community we are going to is distant from what I am used to. I am emotionally ready for that, however, I worry as to how I am going to communicate and interact with the people in the area and the foster family I am going to stay with. Most of them have this perception that we are snob little brats when we aren’t.

[The wall might be thick, I wish to break it.]

It is my time to go down there and explore a universe outside my own. Theories had been discussed; knowledge had been cultivated; now it is time to put all of these into practice and make a concrete action.

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