Not Even Half

On Sunday, around 12 AM I decided to send an e-mail to my previous philosophy professor. I was on the middle of reflection and deep thought when I could no longer understand the important points of that which I was thinking about. There’s really no one else to talk to about a philosophy reading anyway except of course my current philosophy professor and the previous one (for the simple reason that when I turn to my friends they usually give answers that I already know and hence doesn’t satisfy myself at all).

Since I already had a discussion about it with JC (my present professor) which led to more puzzles to be solved I didn’t want to bug him about it again just because I still didn’t get that which I wanted to know. I couldn’t think of anyone else who can give me a little help but my Mr. Cool Guy, my philosophy teacher from last semester. Despite knowing that he’s on study leave as of the moment I took my chance and wrote a very long e-mail to him regarding the matter. As usual, I did not ask him to answer my queries for me. All I was looking for is someone who has the knowledge on the subject and is willing to guide me through my contemplation.

In fact he never really gave straight answers to my questions when I was still his student, he just threw more questions at me whenever I asked and then he would give me time as well as space to contemplate. I would return the following day or maybe a week with something, sometimes an answer to my own inquiry, sometimes another query. I am well aware that he’s no longer my professor and that he shouldn’t be bothered by my nonsense because he’s also busy doing his dissertation. But I don’t have anyone to turn to except him. [Besides, before he left he told me I can send e-mails whenever there’s a thought that bothers me. In fact he’s willing to listen to anything even non-philosophical matters.]

I waited three days before he replied. It was… I don’t know how to describe it. Unexpected? He always reply to my messages but I kind of laughed really loud in amazement because I typed a really long message that definitely fills a page of a word document only to receive a one sentence reply and a smiley. Burn.

I thought I’m one of the favorites and then I would just get a very very short answer saying that my contemplation has been fruitful especially the last point that I raised. He said that I should continue reflecting and ended it with a smiley. I got a little frantic when I saw it, I was like, “That’s just it?”

Ugh. I know that whenever I finally understood something he would give a smile and a faint laugh. Then he would say, “You get it now”. But… But… that’s different.

Anyway, maybe he thought that it’s a fan mail. haha. Having a class wherein 95% of the students adore him, I won’t be surprised if he gets one. He’s really admired by boys and girls alike, a non-malicious admiration of course. With the amount of students he was able to inspire in his years of teaching, Mr. Cool Guy deserves to be honored. If ever he gets to have a fan club, I’ll be the president. haha.

Well now I’m ate peace that I’m on the right track and my reverie is not put to waste. Besides his short reply might not be more, but it’s pretty much.

But it’s annoying how lengthy my message was only to receive a very short and concise answer. 


2 thoughts on “Not Even Half

  1. Happylifeaholic says:

    I feel for you. I’ve never had that happen with a professor, but it happens with my friends all the time. I write a really long text or email, and I get a one word or one sentence reply. It’s so aggravating.

    • Max Hidalgo says:

      it’s kind of irritating, yes. but then i realized he’s got much of his own problems and that it’s already kind of him that he read my really long e-mail and replied. i figured he never really answer a question for me which is great because he gives me chance to answer it for myself- the feeling i get once i figure everything out is just awesome. anyway, i just ranted and after a while i kind of just laugh. 🙂 just for a little revenge try answering your friends with a one liner, sometimes i do it too. (just so they’ll know how it feels like) haha. (sorry with that idea, i’m kind of mean.)

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