It’s NOT SO Captain America

We’ll be having a fundraising event next week for the cancer kids that are being supported by my organization and being one of the head of the project I was trying to  think of creative ways to decorate the booth that we will be setting up in school. We are going to sell customized dolls which can be decorated by the buyers on their own and I was thinking of a superhero concept for the booth where there’ll be this Superman doll that has a speech bubble saying, “Nothing completes me but my Louise Lane… so, please complete her”. I will place a doll that is bare beside him and then other parts of the doll all over the place. 

I thought hanging superhero paper dolls will also be cool along with banners and wavy crepe papers hanging above our heads. Unfortunately as I make a sample of a superhero paper doll I just got disappointed because Capatain America doesn’t look much of Captain America. haha. 

I guess I have to make some changes with the decorations.

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One thought on “It’s NOT SO Captain America

  1. Haha. Don’t worry, it will turn out well. 🙂
    But, this one looks quite cute though.

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