The Different Types Of Philosophers There Are

#8 exists. 🙂 and i’m happy to say he had been my teacher on my first philosophy class ever. Also, he got much of the Rorty stuff in him so yeah…

Thought Catalog

1. The kind of philosopher that is an atheist.

For this person, philosophy is about showing people how rational they are. This philosopher isn’t like regular people who sit around believing in magical faeries like cause and effect, ‘existing’, or (ugh) an all powerful deity. They talk a lot in class, but mostly to go on long-winded rants about logical technicalities and then look around the room and are surprised to see everyone’s tweeting about how obnoxious they are. This person has never read Nietzsche, but claims to, and favors Bertrand Russell, Ayn Rand, and John Searle. They grow up to get graduate degrees in some kind of analytic philosophy and become the kind of joyless professors that don’t let you have class outside and use a bell curve for a reason they explain to you in great detail.

2. The kind of philosopher that smells really bad

This person…

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