I Need Stress Balls

When hell week starts it never ends.

Funny how many people call it hell week when it doesn’t really end after a week. Well, for my friends in other universities hell week is just a week filled with exams. As for me, it’s actually a semester of blood and sweat. There are so many requirements day in and day out which for my professors are not really that much hence they give out more than necessary. Add weekly exams on the list and yes it makes us zombies.

Anyway the zombie story is nothing new. It’s been like that since first year. So yes, I had been zombie-fied! Haha.

I had pretty amazing week until Friday and Saturday came. If it’s possible to delete the 23rd and the 24th of this month I would have done it. Sigh.


Friday, August 23, 2013

I had been studying for a week for Philosophy exam and the day has come to finally take it. I love the course but I wasn’t excited nor am I frantic about having that exam. I just wanted to get over the exam which is the boring part of the subject.

At 7:30 in the morning, Sir JC released the questions and posted it outside the department. It’s better that he released it earlier compared to before because it takes so much time to write a proper essay on philosophical themes. I arrived at the university before 10:30 so I had to pass by the Philosophy department before going to my first class of the day.

I was happy to find out that one of the choice questions is the one I’ve been preparing for. When my classes are done for the day I started to write my essay, around 1:30 in the afternoon. Since it’s an essay for philosophy class it needed more time and effort to write. Hence, it took me 10 hours to finish it and submit it to Ian (my classmate who was assigned to collect all the papers). [FB breaks, snacks, and dinner break were included in the 10 hours]. At around 11PM I was running to his place to give him my piece. It was really exhausting, physically and mentally.

The exam was outside of the classroom of course and we’re allowed to discuss and everything. But when you’re there writing your piece, you won’t be discussing. You’d fall silent and reflecting instead. As usual, people finish at around midnight in average while some get it done at around two to four in the morning.

To make it more challenging, we don’t send it to our professor by mail. We submit it to the assigned person in hard copy. Once the collector has the all the class’ papers, he hands it down to the department security guard. The papers need to be in the department before my professor comes in the following day, or else we’ll all get an “F”. Beat that!

My Friday night didn’t end with that.

It was my friend’s birthday on the 24th so my other friend and I decided we have to stay awake until 12 midnight to greet her and sing a happy birthday. When the clock struck 12, we got the salted caramel cake we were hiding in the fridge and surprised Al (which was not a surprise at all because she already saw the cake when she saw Angel and I carrying that cake earlier that night). Nonetheless, we made her smile. 🙂

We had to eat the cake of course. Hence, we went to bed at around two in the morning. That means I had to look for extra energy source for the activities I had later that Saturday.


Saturday, August 24, 2013

I woke up at 7am and had nothing else to do but rush to the bathroom and take a shower. I’m really slow and I hate being rushed in the shower but I had no choice since I had to be in school by 8am for my recollection session. I tried to be as quick as possible, thus I was able to make it on time. [Well, I’m 10 minutes late but the program hadn’t started yet by the time I arrived].

It’s good to see that Emman, my friend, was also late. I wasn’t the only one. When I entered the chapel I scanned the heads of people to find my other friends. As my head turned 180 degrees I saw a face that I wasn’t expecting to be there at all. The first person I noticed was Mateo.

I tried to relax and pretended I didn’t see him. I took another glance of the people around when I finally saw Roanne and Hans. I was surprised that I didn’t see them when they were seated beside Mateo! [Ugh. That guy distracted me].

I had no choice but to walk towards my friends’ direction. [I want to ask Hans and Roanne why they sat near Mateo but of course I didn’t because he’s at hearing distance]. I smiled at the two of them and looked for available seats. Unfortunately there was none.

Therefore, I told Roanne I’ll just take the vacant seat on the second row in front. Before I commenced she made this remark, “You look like you just got out of bed and then took a quick shower”. I laughed because that was true. Somehow I managed to say, “Well yeah. You know how stress I am today,” before walking away from them.

As I approach the seat next to a girl, my head was suddenly lost in oblivion. My mind left my body for a good few seconds as I wonder, “If I really look crappy today”. Worse, the guy that I liked for four years saw me in such form. Haha.

When I sat on the chair I got surprised by a voice beside me saying, “Hey Max!” That’s when I got back to reality. It was Dharyl, someone I know and I am close with. Good thing she was there or else Mateo will be the single person in my head the whole four hours.

Hans texted me and offered to exchange seats so that I could be near Mateo but of course I didn’t grab the chance. What’s the point anyway? After first year, we got back to being strangers. Three years flew by since the last phone call (I barely even know where he got my number), our last interaction. After that no hello’s had been said whenever we bump into each other around the campus.

I was secretly looking at him in the corner of my eye and boy he did not change. He’s still the person I had known him. [He annoyed Hans though due to his random comments. I guess Mateo was trying to start a conversation with my friend, unfortunately Hans was being Hans].

My Saturday didn’t end there. I had to go to the community that we were working with for a community profiling. I had to facilitate an FGD with a group of ten mothers which lasted for an hour!

I came home dead tired after.

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