Superday for Superheroes

It had been a long day.

Although my class starts at nine in the morning, I arrived at school an hour and thirty minutes earlier than usual. It is the first day of my fundraising project and I had to set up the booth where we were to sell the plush dolls that the buyer would customize. Mariel was supposed to be at school also at 7:30 but when I got to the booth she wasn’t there yet.

I texted her and told her that I was already waiting for her in the booth. I sat on the long chair that is paired with the long table which I believed was the reserved area for our event. I took out my things and started studying for my philosophy quiz at nine and silently re-read the passage that we were to discuss.

After a few minutes my phone vibrated, there was a message from Mariel asking me to tell the guard to call the maintenance for the blackboard that we would use. I replied that I didn’t have a copy of the request form; hence, I was sure that they won’t give me anything unless I showed them a paper saying that we reserved that area as well as the materials. Nonetheless, I went to the guard’s post and left my things unattended on the area I claimed ours.

As I walk towards the direction of the guard an exchange student passed by. I didn’t bother checking him out because I wasn’t in the zone. [Yes, I check out our exchange students which almost cost me my life yesterday. That is another story though. Haha.] When I got back to where I was seated before, I was surprised that he was already sitting beside my vacated seat.

I sat silently and continued reading. I tried to pretend I didn’t care about his presence. Secretly, I texted Mariel telling her to drive faster because there’s this guy beside me who I think is occupying the wrong area for his org. I jokingly said to her, “I didn’t know a foreign guy’s part of this project? Did he attend our meetings? Haha.”

As I sat there still he tapped the table and hummed with the daft punk music he was playing. I am not a fan of daft punk but I liked the one he was playing. Still, I tried focusing my attention to the reading I had on my hand and covered the right side of my face with my hair. Minutes passed when he broke the silence.

Hey! You want to adopt a tree for 20 bucks?”, he asked.

“Adopt a tree? For what?”, I replied. Lifting my head from the text I was reading.

“We’re going to plant trees in the South to prevent flooding. So your 20 bucks will help, plus you can name your tree,” he explained with a smile.

I took out my wallet and gave him 20 bucks and signed on the sheet he gave me, naming my tree Harry Potter. I don’t know if he found it weird but he read the words Harry Potter when he gotten hold of the paper. I told him that he should buy a plush doll from us once my friend arrives and once we finished setting up the booth. Well, he agreed. We’re quits!

Mikee arrived ruining the moment. haha. She came shouting my name, “Max!!!” I could see the big grin in her face which meant I would get a lot of teasing once the guy was out of earshot.

“What? Your name is Ax?” the guy asked me.

“Huh? I said. No! It’s Max!” I replied wondering where he got Ax.

“Oh. I only heard Ax when your friend shouted your name.” he said.

Mikee sat beside me and told the guy that he should buy plush dolls from us. We asked him if he had any idea of what our organization does which interestingly he gave out a clear description. Awesome!

When Mariel arrived she was wearing that same teasing smile as Mikee. Since she has the bare dolls and the sample ones we showed it to the guy and asked him to buy once we’re done setting up. I showed him a superman plush doll and he said, “Oh I want a Captain America.”

“You can make a Captain America once we set up the booth. We’ll give you the materials.” I responded.

He took out a two 100 bills saying, “You know guys, she (talking about me) bought a tree from me. Now I’m giving you (talking to me) 200 bucks.” I had nothing to say but “Yay!!!” and that giddy look. Gawd he’s good looking. [The doll costs 150 bucks, so yes he had change.]

We started setting up until the first bell rung signaling that the three of us had to start walking to our classes. I had to leave the booth and it’s not yet fixed so I approached him (since he was just in the next table) to tell him that he could dress up his doll after everything’s in place. I told him that I’d be back once my class’s over and by then he could make his doll. Before leaving I made sure I got his name.

When I got back Mariah was the one manning the booth. She gave me a bare doll and said, “Oh there’s this foreign guy who said he couldn’t make the doll. He said he don’t have time so he returned it. Do you know him? I tried returning the money which he used to pay for the doll but he didn’t want to accept it. So here.”

”Oh. Really? Okay, don’t worry I’ll make it and just give it to him when we see each other,” I responded quite sad. [When will I ever see that guy again around campus? Wouldn’t he feel weird if I approached him and give him the doll?]

So there, I made him his Captain America. The Spiderman on the other hand was for my friend Harveen who also bought a doll to sponsor the art workshop for the cancer kids.

*It’s just funny that the name of the guy is Theo (like Theodicy as he puts it) which is a name pretty close to the guy I fancy– Mateo. [Ugh. I saw Mateo walking past out booth this afternoon before I walk to my Leadership and Strategy class. And he’s still looking practically the same.]

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