Like A Boss

My finger puppet. LIKE A BOSS!

Although I am slowly feeling the stress attacking my body, I feel prolific and jolly still. I am getting less and less sleep each night; not that I am really studying. In fact I am procrastinating, but insomnia is kicking most of the nights plus the emotionally, physically and mentally draining student life.

All day I am in school juggling org work and academics. The org part is really relieving most of the time with the dolls getting sold out and people enjoying customizing their dolls. The real aim of the project is to raise funds for the art workshop of the kids with cancer through plushy dolls that are being sold in the campus. The kids will make their own dolls like the buyers.

Art really has this healing power because every time I was the one assigned to man the booth I feel lighthearted seeing the people enjoy the craft. Most especially I felt relieved when I did it myself. Today has been the third day and we don’t have any dolls left to sell for tomorrow which is supposedly our last day. There are others who came to our booth today demanding that we sell more dolls tomorrow because they haven’t gotten one for themselves yet– surprisingly a good number of them are straight guys!

It really made me so happy! That awesome feeling when you know there’s still hope in humanity. Kindness and love had been overflowing ever since we opened last Tuesday.

Thankies to everyone!


On a different note…

Finally! I saw Theo today. Haha.

I came to school 30 minutes before my class starts so I could help Mariel and Mogs set up the booth. Fortunately, it’s Theo’s shift in his organization’s booth behind ours.

I put my bag down and told Mariel, “Shoot. Captain America’s finally here.”

Mariel insisted I approach him and give him the doll. So… I gathered all the courage I had and pulled Mariel to walk with me. Good thing my voice came out when I was near him already.

“Theo, remember you bought a doll last time? You left it naked so I dressed it up as Captain America cause you said you wanted a Captain America. I hope it looks like Captain America.” I told him.

It was nice to see him go wide eyed with a smile, “I left it cause I had no time to make it. It’s Captain America!!!”

And then I went back to our booth and sat there to read Ricoeur and the steps of theodicy just in case my professor gives out a quiz that morning which fortunately didn’t happen cause I only finished the first paragraph!


Another achievement of the day is… I got Mogs talking. As in really talking. I knew that guy has that inner talker in him, pretty proud of myself that I unleashed it. haha.

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