Blender Week

Life is full of ironies and paradoxes– which give its breadth. Good things happen simultaneously with the bad, it is part of the physis, and that’s what makes human become fully alive.

After the tragic death of Edmund, my faith in humanity had been restored. It is not good to dwell on hate that sprung from the incident. I am grateful that after everything that had happened, compassion materialized in front of me without even asking for it.

For a couple of days I had neglected the goodness that had been overflowing in front of me due to all the negative feelings and emotions that veiled my sight. However, as I slowly get my senses back, I was blinded not by darkness but by the light– by the overflowing “love” that there was and always is around me.

Last week, we raised funds for the art workshop of the cancer kids that my organization is supporting. I was really nervous that the dolls that we were selling won’t click. Fortunately it was a huge success, all the dolls got sold. What was even better was, there were so many people coming to us asking if we still had dolls because they wanted to customize their own. Surprisingly, there were equal number of males and females demanding the dolls. (Awesome right?)

Aside from the overflowing support from the whole community, the Mountaineering Org which set up their booth beside ours as well as the Environmental Organization made the whole week more awesome that I hoped for. They were there to make the mood light and to lend a hand whenever we need one. They help us clean up all the mess that had been left by cutting the felt papers and other things after each and every day when they also had a booth of their own.

Compassion and help poured on me without even asking. At the end of my week, Sir Lib offered to be my study buddy for my orals [which was earlier today, Monday]. I know he had been juggling so many things on his hands but he still gave some of his time for me. The thesis statements weren’t that easy, having someone to discuss it with did give light on most of those in my list.

As I have said, good things and bad things happen. Believe it or not, I got into a Friday night cat fight. Well, almost.

Adrian and I agreed to study together on Friday afternoon (August 30, 2013). He asked me if I wanted to study in one of the restaurants outside the university. I agreed without any hesitation, besides I’m already hungry. We had some time to chat about some random things while we were stuck in traffic. [It had been two years since we had an actual and face to face conversation. When the summer class ended we remained friends, but we weren’t in touch with one another. Well, we are Facebook friends but that’s it.]

We changed our minds as the traffic move slowly. We decided to eat in this Japanese restaurant on our side of the road instead of going to the restaurant on the other side which will take us another 20 minutes. Adrian parked his car in the underground parking and we made our way up.

We noticed that there’s this newly opened Victorian looking restaurant beside the Japanese restaurant we planned to have a meal in. He asked if I wanted to try it, its interior looked nice and there were only three people inside. The place was perfect for studying so we ended up in that cozy restaurant.

For hours we were having fun while discussing the unfathomable statements in front of us and talking about mundane ideas. Suddenly his phone rang and he talked to the person on the other line, a friend who he invited to come and join us though there’s that tone of doubt in him.

He had to explain on the person on the other line who he was with and what role I play in his life. I couldn’t hear the person on the other end of course so I was assuming it’s one of his stupid friends teasing him.

After an hour a girl popped up. I was so enthusiastic to receive her as our company. Unfortunately, he returned my friendliness with a cold shoulder which really irritated me. I tried to calm down and tried to engage her on a conversation which was one of the most stupid things I did. [I felt that she didn’t want me there. Sadly, I was with Adrian first so she couldn’t do anything to get rid of me.]

I knew Adrian could feel the awkwardness and the tension. He got up and told us he’d get the parking ticket first. I wanted to stop him from leaving me with his weird friend but he was already on his way to the door. I tried to weave words in my head; I was trying to figure out the things I could talk about with the girl when she asked me in zero degrees Celsius coldness how Aids and I met.

“Fuck off bitch. I’m surprised that everyone calls him Aids now, when did that even start? After summer of freshie days? Cause as far as I know Aids is a name I gave him to tease and annoy him. Now how come the whole world uses that?” I said in my head.

Of course I’m a nice person so I said it the sweetest way possible, “Oh. We were classmates one summer. Yeah just one summer.” Then I flashed her an evil smile, what I call smile of victory.

That incident really annoyed me. I think the girl saw me as a threat. I could feel that she likes Aids, however, I don’t think Aids feel the same way. What made that scene irritating and at the same time funny was, I wasn’t doing anything to get her intimidated but she acted as if I was getting in her nerves.

Well, that’s life. Sorry to disappoint, I’m naturally awesome girl! 😉

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