What A Girl Wants, What A Girl Needs

A girl needs so much love to keep her going, yet she can only bear enough stress or else she’ll break.

Ever since July came the school work and academic requirements just kept on piling up. The university professors never seize in giving out quizzes, exams, papers, and deadlines week after week. As a senior, I already know that once the second week of July comes work will rule the students’ lives until the end of the semester.

As I progress through college, year level by year level, I slowly see the difference of my freshmen days from my senior year. During first year, I was worried on how to cope with the new environment. As far as I remember the only anxiety I was experiencing back then was the transition period, from high school to the university life.

Now that I am a senior, I am stressing out not just on grades but almost on everything. Academics has become too much of a burden. I can’t believe it myself that every single day I have to sit and focus myself on the readings as well as reviewers in front of my face. I rarely do it back then; I was so lax even though there’s an upcoming exam.

What was worse was I had been sick for quite a few times already this semester. I always experienced headaches in the few weeks after classes opened, then a few weeks later I got coughs and colds. When I was already fine my throat got infected and I had tonsillitis, after that my body has learned how to carry all the weight until last Monday.

I had my philosophy orals last Monday, but before that took place I experienced dizziness and vomiting. Before I went to school I had to run to the bathroom thrice to throw up. All the food I had eaten for breakfast got flushed. Fortunately after that I was able to recover.

Since I have nothing to do today, I decided to pamper myself to make this dull day a little colorful. Some waxing as well as manicure and pedicure along with a few minutes of massage took away my agony at the moment. Well, a day of rest is what I really need before I face bigger battles next week.

This is love.

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