Friday the 13th and Everything That Could Possibly Go Wrong

Alas it’s the end of the week which translates to rest day tomorrow! Finally, a legitimate Saturday to be consumed for sleep.

I badly wanted to fast forward the time and change the date to September 14, 2013. It’s not because something special will happen next day, it’s just I want to leave behind the hatred that accumulated in my heart today and just forget it. This Friday sucks!

I’m not a superstitious person so I really don’t care about black cats, lucky colors, Friday the 13th and whatnot– I don’t believe all these shenanigans. In fact it was just this evening that I realized it’s Friday the 13th, thanks to Facebook newsfeed function and “Happy Friday the 13th statuses of those in my friend list.

[I don’t understand why such an ordinary Friday and an ordinary number make such a big fuss. Today being deemed as an “unlucky” day became more adjunct than the events in Syria and the war down south of the country. Unbelievable!]

Anyway, I guess Mr. F13 tried his hardest to make a point today by collaborating with Mr. Murphy of Murphy’s Law. Perfect combination!

First, I arrived in school early for my theology class only to find out that it’s free cut! (Oh stupid me!) Sir Lib announced that he’ll be giving a free Friday for us, however he cleared last Wednesday that it was going to be for the Friday of next week. So I was surprised that it was just Roanne, Jai and I who were there. Well maybe I remembered wrongly.

Fortunately my peanut butter and jelly sandwich was able to offset the bad vibes. (PBJ always heals the heart).

However the joy that the PB&J gave me was momentary. To make matters worse, Mr. F13 and Mr. Murphy made a partnership with Finagle to better ruin the day. After political science class I was talking to Roanne and Kenn regarding the plans for the interview we’d be conducting that afternoon. Since I still had class until 1:30 I was asking them where I would meet them. The three of us were busy chatting when Sam started asking the same question we’re discussing.

She stood behind me facing Roanne and chattered blurred words while I continued talking to Kenn. A few seconds passed and the person behind me was suddenly three rows away from the three of us. She was fast. She was already in front of Hans gesturing like a madman in a blink of an eye. As Sam talked animatedly to him, Hans’ eyes met mine– morse code received and processed.

When I stepped out of the room Hans was beside the door waiting for Roanne, Kenn and I wearing a sly smile before giving out a chuckle. I made a face and asked him, “So what was her agenda?”

He parroted Sam’s voice and mimicked her actions in the most annoying way he could, “Max’s not answering me yada yada”.

Well, Sam’s pissed at me. Good job.

I really don’t get her. Every day of my life with her makes me hate her more. I keep on trying to keep my cool but this girl is really getting on my nerves. My groupmates don’t like her and her groupmates in other subjects despise her, yet my team is trying our hardest to make things work with her.

Nonetheless, accusing me of such crime I hadn’t committed is really absurd. When she made her inquiry she did not address the question to anyone of us. If she was talking to me, she could have tapped my shoulders instead of standing behind me where I couldn’t even see her face. It could have been better if she mentioned my name so that I would have known that it was me she was referring to. Maybe if she wasn’t being bitchy, she could have waited for Kenn and I to finish our conversation before butting in (girl I only have one mouth!).

I couldn’t do anything but to hold my patience in the remaining hours of the day because we had to go to the city hall to gather some data for our economic paper after my class. In the end, I didn’t really attend my last class due to the fact that it was just a group presentation which meant that it’s self explanatory. Thus, after Miss checked the attendance I silently made my exit and pretended that I would go to the washroom. [I didn’t really mean to sneak out; it’s just that the earlier we leave the university the greater the chance that we could get hands on more information.]

It seemed to me that Mr. F13, Mr. Murphy and Finagle weren’t satisfied with their operation-Max. On the way to the city hall, they played another joke. As we traverse the elliptical road, our car almost got hit by another car. I was facing my left talking to Kenn, when I twisted my head to the right I shouted frantically– the black Fortuner was millimeters away from my door. It was a good thing that the driver of the other car was quick to step on his break and Kenn was fast to turn the wheel on the other side.

[That incident wasn’t enough to make the dark forces happy. In fact, they even meddled with me while we were tending to our purpose in the city hall.]

When we arrived in the city hall, three guys met us and received us in their office. Misters Jun, Tom, and Sherwin were tasked to take care of our needs since their boss was on leave. They’re nice government employees. However they couldn’t provide us with the records and the data set that we need which really made my mood meter show, ‘temper at near maximum’. I was trying to keep my composure together as things got really messed up, especially with Sam in the same room behaving rudely towards me in front of other people (Come on girl, cut the crap. You could be better than that!).

[I know that the reason why she acted that way was because I was the one facilitating and running the discussion. She wanted to take the lime light but couldn’t do so for I wasn’t opening up a door for her. *insert evil laugh here*]

I couldn’t believe that their department doesn’t have the records nor do they have the things we were looking for when it’s their office’s job to have it. I didn’t want to leave their office empty handed, the situation called for the “Max Spell” (It’s basically my ‘I-don’t-care-if-you’re-in-charge-here-I’m-the-boss-and-you-ought-to-respond-to-my-request’ attitude). With a smile, a little friendliness and some charm I was able to mobilize them to find a way to get the information we wanted. Jun, Tom and Sherwin started contacting various agencies to raise our agenda which luckily led us to the hidden data.

[Haha. Bossing people around without them noticing it is always the best.]

On a different note, the moon silently listened to all the animosity contained in me as I go jogging round after round in the campus. Finally, Mr. Moon showed up after days of rainy nights.

Now I want some chocolates. 

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