Representing Fate

Everybody is a victim of the past, we all are.

Isn’t it funny how fate seems to play its game on us? Well, is it really fate that caused all these– the good and the not so good?

[We always blame fate for it. The poor innocent fate, silently witnessing and taking all the accusations being pointed at it.]

Yes, it is unfair that we weren’t even consulted if we wanted this life. We weren’t even asked where we desired to be placed. We were just thrown out here without being bothered for an opinion.

Due to this, fate’s at fault.

I want to defend fate from all the bullshit accusations– that its mainly the reason for suffering. Isn’t the present brought upon us by the choices made by the people before us? Weren’t they the ones who constructed the now, the now that we are immersed in?

Those who walked on this world ahead of us shaped it before we arrived. Therefore, things are what they are, not just because of fate but due to the decisions opted by the people who were here.

This universe of ours continue to evolve. We contribute to its formation– for the now and for the time to come. Hence, fate is not the only one responsible for all the good and the not so good. Besides, who decides which is good and which is not?

My plea for fate thus, is NOT guilty.

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