Here It Goes Again

I confess that I am quick to judge people and I have a prejudice against Julius and Matthew. Time and people change however, so I might be all wrong now.

Growing up with mostly male playmates I have no problem mingling with the boys. I never expected though that I will carry with me that same environment when it comes to college. It is in the least of my hopes to be either in a male dominated block or in an all boys group.

I guess it is my destiny to be the lone girl in a group. [Sigh]

For the nth time I am the only female in this group we have in Theo class. Worse though this time is I am with the guys I used to hate during freshmen year, Julius and Matthew. Both of them were my classmates in chemistry and zoology classes.

Julius was seated behind me in chemistry class and he was so noisy that I always give him that bitchy eye roll. Matthew is Julius’ Robin, they always come like a package so I also got annoyed with him. Besides, Matthew was also an attention seeker like his buddy so I have the reason to hate them.

Fast forward three years after that and I realized how I barely know them yet I hate them like I know every strand of their hair in their body. Today my judgment has been proven wrong. In fact I enjoyed talking with them and sharing with them some things about me. This morning’s actually the first real conversation we had. I couldn’t believe that we easily clicked.

Well, people mature and they change too. Julius is not the talker anymore, he’s silent now. I don’t know what happened but something changed him. Matthew is just Matthew with a bigger and better body.

I hope everything works fine.

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