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In a lifetime lucky people find true friends, those who are more fortunate meet some they can call bestfriends. As for me, I am just blessed to have come across my soul sister Kristin– a rare chance.

I can’t remember how we came to be close or how we came to be the best of friends. It just happened.

We were classmates ever since first grade, but we weren’t the kind of kids who will be seen in the same click. I am always one of the boys while she’s with the all girls group. In fact her aunt Allen, who is of the same age as us, was my first ever bestfriend. Time changed, people changed, everything changed and I found myself hanging out with a different set of people.

Fourth grade happened and Kristin was with my then mortal enemy Pauline. We were kids so it was an issue among children, thus Kristin and I never really had much interaction except when the teacher puts us into the same group for class activities. During the special class for advanced math students that we were part of, we worked as a team. But after that we left the room and treated each other coldly again. It had been the usual set up for that year.

Then we joined the student body wherein we became part of the opposing parties. Next thing I knew we were both working for the student paper, participating in student activities together, establishing our own party, and hosting school events as partners.

We grew close to the point wherein I won’t be allowed by my parents to join our friends’ gatherings if she couldn’t come and vice versa. We became the key to each other’s freedom. From there we became inseparable. High school strengthened our bond and college just made it even stronger (even though we’re distant from one another).

Kristin and I are like a package that comes in twos, the other is like an extension of the self. Because of her, we are the ‘dynamic duo’.

Today is her 20th birthday and I have nothing but good hopes for her.

To the prettiest friend, my soul sister, happy birthday! I wish you happiness and success in whatever you do.  You are one of those few who saw my good and my not-so-good side but stayed and never left. Thank you for trying to be my older sister whenever I need one, my handkerchief when I need someone to wipe my tears, my partner in crime, and my living breathing diary. Cheers to more years of joy and togetherness!

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