I had been silent for quite some time. I decided to leave the internet world over the holidays, meaning- “do not check Facebook, Twitter and all other social networking accounts that I have”. It brought nothing but peace in the jungle I had been experiencing. I am too lazy to write how my Christmas break went, I would simply put together some of the pictures I took minus the ones with my face. 🙂

Aside from family and friends who joined our Christmas celebration (which is also my brother’s birthday), a bottle of yellow tail had been a great company over the break.

What I enjoyed more than anything else over the break is the amount of chocolates at home. My family and I have a sweet tooth so imagine how giddy I was the moment I arrived and opened the fridge with boxes of chocolates. But what made me really happy were the Caffarel and Patchi waiting for me! Here’s a picture of my fish Caffarel.

Two weeks of vacation means I have the spare time to read!!! I finally get to read another of Milan Kundera’s which was entitled “Identity”.

I said I won’t post a photo of my face, but that doesn’t mean that I won’t include a picture of myself in here. 🙂 SO yes, this is the camera shy [*ehem*] me in my New Year’s eve outfit which was put together by my own fashion stylist- none other than my grandmother.

This! I have no words for it. 🙂

Now I’m back to reality, school work and whatnot. 😦

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