In My Head, I’m The Perfect Package. So Why Doesn’t He Love Me Back?

Thought Catalog

After falling in love with the idea of being in like with this guy, I learned that he doesn’t want me back. I haven’t heard anything back from him since our last date. It’s not even like he was my dream boy, it’s the idea that I wasn’t even considered in the running for a friend position in his life- that hurts the most.

Naturally, being an introvert, a scholar, and a marketer I find myself reflecting on why my personal marketing strategy was a complete failure? It’s hard not to internalize rejection when you are always told that you are a dream girl with the complete package and then be casually tossed onto the back burner.

Inquiring minds need to know why! There must be a disconnect between what I offer and how he perceives my qualities. I just need a theory to justify the other party’s indecision to…

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