The First Time I Thought I Fell In Love

Thought Catalog

The first time I thought I fell in love I wasn’t in love at all.

Our minds can play tricks on us if we want something badly enough. The mind can tell the body it’s not hungry. It can think a placebo is the real deal. It’s mind blowing that there is even such a thing as phantom pregnancy.

Our minds can also tell us we are in love.

I was desperate to find somebody to make me feel whole again. For a long time, I had felt some sort of void inside of me, and I’d been emphatically trying to suture the wound. Bored of tiding myself over with quick fixes and an array of vices, I latched on to the nearest subject.

His personality was charming, although just a veneer, and I will admit that his smile made my heart flutter. To me, he was everything. I drowned…

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