Nothing Special

I have observed quite recently that even though there are a lot of things going on with my life it seems like it does not contain the luster it is supposed to have.  Going back to the events that took place over the first month of 2014 it looked like it was packed with all good emotions and what not. However, there is a certain kind of hallowedness– an emptiness within me that is not supposed to be in here given the happenings that could have filled the said space. It felt like even though I was there when everything took place I did not fully experience the moment, as if it was just a wind that past me by.

The worst thing is I am losing my enthusiasm with school and with the things I used to enjoy. Every waking hour of my day is a struggle that I have to drag myself out of the bed. Lately, I noticed that I have lost the drive to attend classes resulting in the most number of cuts I could count in my entire stay in the university. My peers are also experiencing the same thing which we all call “senioritis” which is simply the slacking off of graduating seniors accompanied by high consumption of cuts and low quality of output.


                Just came home from an event in school wherein university students gathered in one of the fields in the campus while watching a movie (this time it’s “Across the Universe”) under the moon and the stars. [This is something I will truly miss after college].


                I also appreciate this pinwheel which Hans gave me. After a difficult exam I went out of the room with a really long face. He was holding the pinwheel, blew it and gave it to me. Awww…


Highlight of my January is none other than the paint party.

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