Crazy Things Do Happen

It’s my senior year and this is my first ever experience of a bomb threat. We were in the middle of our Theology class when the alarms went off. We weren’t informed about any drills that might be happening today so we looked at each other. In circumstances like that, the protocol is to get out of the building and go to the nearest evacuation area. [Well all the drills I had ever since first year was very useful today, thank you.]

When we were already gathered at the field one of the security officers with a megaphone announced that classes from 12 noon onwards are suspended due to a bomb threat.  No one knows where the bomb is which gave me a feeling that any building could explode and it might be in the one nearest us. So, I texted my parents that there’s a bomb threat and we’re being evacuated. [Of course my dear life’s on the line, better say my good byes if ever it’s my last breath].

My parents responded immediately telling me to relax and don’t panic. Who wouldn’t panic when there’s bomb somewhere near her, right? All the students were asked to leave the campus immediately and never to return until further announcements were made. Well, what else could be done but to go home and be in a safe place when the police and the bomb squad are already sweeping the campus. Fire trucks were also rushing in my school causing a really huge scene.

When I arrived home my phone rang with my mother on the screen. I picked it up and listened to her alarmed voice, “Where are you now? Have you gone out of school already?” I assured her I’m already safe and that she doesn’t need to worry anymore.

After  my conversation with my mom I saw the flood of Facebook messages from my brother asking if it was true that classes in my school got suspended. I told him that it was and the interrogation began. I explained to him that there’s a bomb threat which caused even more messages from him telling me to get out of the university and go home. I tried to calm him down by telling him that I had been home 20 minutes ago and that I already talked to our parents.

Anyway, it’s just all over the news now. I hope those who are still in school, the security personnel, the police, the bomb squad and the firemen are safe as well.


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