To The Boy Who Broke My Little Sister’s Heart

The perks of having an older brother, I want one. Samuel Leighton-Dore I am applying to be your adopted little sister. Awww. This article is beautifully written- this is polemics set aside for something that is just pure heart.

Thought Catalog

It’s strange being angry at somebody you don’t know – and to be honest, I don’t know you at all.

I know that you’re a fashion model, I know that you’re trying to give up smoking, I know that you live in a nice home with your nice parents and that you just returned home from a trip to Japan. I know that you study science, and I know that you work hard to achieve strong marks. I know that you, yourself, have an older brother; just as I know that you, for whatever reason, don’t get along with him.

I know all these things, but I don’t know who you are. You see, I never really cared to. All I cared about was the way you made my little sister smile, the way you made her laugh; the way you gave light to a side of her I’d not…

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