30 Things Only Incredibly Stubborn People Understand

So me. No. 30 sums it all.

Thought Catalog

1. As a kid, more than a few adults remarked that you’d make a great lawyer, but it only occurred to you later in life that they might not have been trying to flatter you.

2. Now you understand that when people call you out for being stubborn, they almost always mean it as an insult, but you almost always decide to take it as a compliment.

3. Others call you pigheaded, contrarian, uncompromising, obstinate, or headstrong.

4. You choose to describe yourself as willful, determined, resolute, or purposeful.

5. You’ve mastered the art of Googling something on the sly when someone says something you suspect to be untrue so you can debunk their point by citing the relevant evidence without mentioning that you just had to double-check your hunch. Does it even matter, as long as you’re right?

6. You’re a big fan of the words “definitely,” “absolutely,” “obviously,”…

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